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Pawsitive Progression Class

Duration - 50 minutes

Dog Age - Over 6 mths

Pre-requisites - basic obedience such as sit/down/wait, previous class attendance preferred but not required.

Got the basics down but want to build on those foundations to progress your dog's learning? Our Progression Classes are perfect for you.

Single Sessions - £20 per dog

Four Sessions - £75 per dog

Eight Sessions - £140 per dog

Gift Vouchers Available


This comprehensive progression class is based indoors and is designed to follow straight on from our popular Pawsitive Puppy Foundations class to develop your pup's training further. This is also the ideal next step if your dog has completed our Beginners Class or First Steps Class.

This is a rolling class, which means you can start at any time and choose the dates you wish to attend from those with spaces. You can book a single session or save money with a 4 or 8 session pass. The class runs during the first three weeks of each month.

Our classes are kept to a small size with a maximum of 4 or 5 dogs to ensure that you have enough space to feel comfortable and enough support from the trainer to succeed.


Developing a good training relationship with your dog is an important way to improve both your dog's behaviour and the relationship between you, making your dog much more likely to listen and respond in future, particularly for adolescent dogs.


The topics taught in this class include:

🐶 Obedience  progression (Sit/Stand/Down/Stay)

🐶 Lead walking progression – moving together as a team

🐶 Building on recall around distractions

🐶 Developing better impulse control

🐶 Progressing manners around food including ‘leave it’

🐶 Improving manners around people and dogs

🐶 Simple tricks and fun focus games to get your dog to engage with you easily

🐶 Understanding adolescence


Pre-requisites: - your dog must have some basic obedience such as sit/down and be able to wait/stay for at least 5-10 seconds. Having attended a class previously is preferable but not mandatory.  Please speak to us before booking if your dog is reactive to other dogs or people.

This is a low-pressure, relaxed, fun class with no formal assessment, so owners don’t need to worry about that. We just want you and your dog to build a great relationship through relaxed and fun training sessions.


If your dog completes 4 session they will receive a Silver achievement certificate and at 8 sessions, they will receive a Gold completion certificate.


Book at Brampton Bierlow
First 3 Saturdays of each month 2:30pm

When booking, please ensure you add all of the dates you wish to attend to your cart before you check out to make sure you get a space.
You can adjust your booking later via the link in your confirmation email. 

Click the button below for full screen booking.

What Our Clients Say


Angela with Oscar

Thankyou Lindsey. You have been amazing. Oscar has a little way to go, but his improvement is amazing. You have taught us we haven’t got to strive for perfection, but just to make our time out with Oscar more enjoyable for him and us. Thankyou.
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