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Pet Photography Services

Pet Photography Services

Hand Painted Pet Portraits

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Recommended Products

We are often asked for recommendations for training aids. Most commonly we are asked about equipment to support training dogs to respond well outdoors and on walks so here are some of our favourites.

For Recall Training

When it comes to recall, it is important that you set yourself and your dog up for success. This means that until you are certain your dog understands what your recall cue means in each environment you take them to, it's best to practise using a long line. This gives your dog the freedom to roam and gives you a chance to test their responses whilst keeping them safe and preventing them from practising ignoring you.  This waterproof longline is not only easy to clean and hardwearing, but it is great value too.

For Loose Lead Walking

When training your dog to walk beside you, it is important to minimise their opportunities to pull on the lead when you are not training. A harness with a front/chest attachment point is a great solution. Used with this double-ended lead, it can be used to steer your dog to the side gently if they pull, instead of getting into a tug of war with them.

For large dogs or particularly strong dogs, a headcollar can be a safer solution, though these require careful introduction to your dog so that your dog is comfortable and happy wearing one, otherwise it becomes an added distraction. Headcollars offer a greater degree of control where there is a risk of your dog pulling you over or into traffic for example. Check our favourite brands out below. These offer a greater degree of strength and comfort than most we come across.


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