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Since 2012, we've helped hundreds of people navigate through the many challenges of having a dog. From impulse control to basic obedience commands, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t believe us? Check out what our previous, existing and long term clients are saying about us below. You can see more  or add your own review on  Google or Facebook.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour Beginner Reviews Happy Dog Satisfied Owner

Doreen & Jemma with Lottie

Thank you to Lindsey for carrying out a home visit to Lottie who struggled to calm her behaviour and became so overwhelmed with visitors to the house. We now have the tools to help her bring herself down and each week with patience and time she continues to get better. Still work to do with the “puppy brain” but she’s definitely heading in the right direction 🐾🐾👍
Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Joann with Archie

​Thank you Lindsay you are amazing.

It has been 1 week now since myself and Archie attended your lead walking class. I’ll be honest when I turned up on the day and you started the class I thought this is never going to happen not in a million years.

Well one week on and what a difference. We haven’t been far but each day we get another house further down our street. He now takes the treats from me for every command he does and has also started to sniff. ( now he has time to instead of nearly pulling me over)

We will carry on a bit at a time and we will get there. After 2 years of pulling I know it will take some time.

Thank you again for changing our life’s and enjoying going for a walk. It maybe a short one but not worried anymore about being dragged into the road.

5******* all the way and well worth the money x

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Alex with Sapphire & Ruby

Highly recommend Pawsitive Pooches. I take my two pocket bully’s to them. One girl has one to one sessions and the the other girl has just started puppy’s classes. Very good training sessions. And the tutors are lovely. 
Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Gill with Reggie

Lindsey was a very patient and informative trainer. Clearly demonstrated and gave lots of hints and tips for me to practice at home. Reggie has had an enormous amount of success with the training demonstrated, Reggie and I were challenged with walking nicely on the lead, Lindsey has encouraged me to keep going as Reggie is a very bouncy energetic puppy. It was worth it just for the encouragement alone and I do feel like I am now winning... thank you Lindsey brilliant small, enjoyable class
Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Terri with Frank

We loved our puppy classes, really relaxed and informative and all the pups were so chilled, we are definitely considering beginners class next.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Rebecca with Patrona

Have just attended the reliable recall class with my 7mo gsd and she's now zonked in bed after really enjoying herself and tiring herself out using her brain ! Lots of super helpful tips and tricks that will also help with focus on walks , not just recall Taught in a relaxed , non judgemental, fun manner Can highly recommend, and would also be useful for training top ups to work around new people and other dogs, would come again :)
Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Rebecca with Sirius, Bella & Dogric

I attend a variety of classes with Lucy and Lindsey with my various pooches from rally to man trailing and they are all great fun both for myself but also the dogs.

Lucy figured out my youngest boy GSD quirks in 10 mins, this after he'd been written off at another training school as being "stupid"! Under her direction he now loves his training and adores man trailing and his cuddles from his misper

The newest recruit Patrona attended puppy class with Lindsey who she loves and I am now having 121 with Lucy and her to hopefully be able to compete at rally when she is older. 

I can highly recommend Pawsitive Pooches for all your dog training needs :) 

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Debi with Jaeger & Riley

Both me and my 2 german shepherds love training with Lucy and Lindsey! Riley did obedience and mantrailing before he received his well earned retirement at 12 yrs old .Jaeger does rally obedience , trick training and mantrailing and loves it. Jaeger has a tendency to be dog reactive but Lucy has shown us the way forward and we have that under control. I would highly recommend Lucy and Lindsey for all your dog training needs, both are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of dog behavior and lessons are delivered in a fun and friendly way whilst remaining professional at all times .

Jaeger and I look forward to continuing our training journey and ,with Lucy and Lindsey's guidance, reaching our full potential and having loads of fun and bonding along the way

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Alys with Ted, Fynn & Molly

Fantastic. Can’t praise highly enough. Training tailored for your dog at a pace to suit you. We can’t thank Lucy and Lindsey enough for the help they have given us with Fynn, Ted and Molly.

Everything is explained to you and you understand why your dog is behaving as they do.

The skills and tips they equip you with are amazing. We can finally walk our dogs without feeling nervous or embarrassed.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Molly's Owner

I attended recall classes with my mum and her dog Molly and Lucy was fab! Really professional and good with the dogs. She was always on hand to offer support or advise. Also when mum was away, Lucy walked Molly to ease the walking for me as I was dog sitting. Looking forward to the next pulling on  lead course!"

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Michelle with Chubbs

We contacted Lucy for advice with our British Bulldog Chubbs. At the time he was displaying high anxiety around strangers. He needed his confidence building up etc. With Lucy's support ( always at the end of the phone,anytime) and a detailed training plan, we have triumphed in having a more relaxed calm boy. Can't thank Lucy enough! Highly recommend to anyone."

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Eve with Olive & Jarvis

I have used Lucy for both of my puppies for general socialisation. I also attended a recall class when my Irish was young. She is great and can work miracles as I now have an Irish setter with great recall! I still pinch myself every time she comes back to the whistle

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Kayla with Jake

Jake and I love our sessions! Jake is coming on brilliantly and I thank you for your dedication and hard work!!

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour


Had a behavioural consultation yesterday for my dog and feeling very positive not only did Lucy explain everything in detail we have immediate results too. Looking forward to changing my dogs behaviour permanently over the next couple of months. Well worth the money

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Tracey with Maisey

Would recommend everything, they are very knowledgeable and patient. They make sure he training classes fun but you also learn a great deal, you certainly do not feel under pressure if you can’t quite get this right.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Zoe with Woody & Jessie

I used Lindsey for both my dogs, Woody and Jessie. Lindsey is very knowledgeable and explains why your dogs behave why they do and how your own behaviour impacts on them. Woody my German shepherd has gone from pulling like a steam train to walking nice on the lead. Jessie my border collie had no recall at all but now listens to my commands. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Amber & James with Coco

Lindsey is a doggie god send!! I’ve been having 1-1 home visits with her after feeling lost as a new puppy parent and she has been amazing. Taught us soo many tips and tricks to help. She is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and patient- even when Coco tries to eat her shoelaces! 
He wouldn’t be left in his crate without crying and after two crate training sessions he will happily sleep in there for a few hours for a nap. He was also pulling on his lead and refusing to walk and after one session he went on a little walk with me without pulling! 
After feeling deflated and overwhelmed with a new energetic pup, the encouragement and knowledge from Lindsey has been worth every penny and I’m so sad it is our last session soon. 
I will definitely be attending the classes in future. THANK YOU Lindsey- love from Amber, James and Coco xxxx

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Angela & Oscar

Thankyou Lindsey. You have been amazing. Oscar has a little way to go, but his improvement is amazing. You have taught us we haven’t got to strive for perfection, but just to make our time out with Oscar more enjoyable for him and us. Thankyou.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Katie with Daisy

These guys really helped to me to help my young rescue dog with her training when she was young. She has gotten over so many of her fears with the help of the training we were guided with. It also helped us learn to be better dog parents by allowing us to understand how best to train our dog without rushing her or trying to get her to do something she wasn't ready to do. Great service, thanks for all your help!

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Beth with Fender

Can’t recommend Pawsitive Pooches highly enough. My 1 year Sprocker has done puppy, beginner and life skills with Lindsey. Not only have we learnt training skills together but we’ve enjoyed taking part in an activity together and I wish there were more classes to attend. The training methods make sense and they are fun too!

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Esther & Autumn

Currently attending puppy classes and also attended a gun dog workshop.
Puppy classes are great, Lindsey is really good a breaking everything down into easy to manage steps. Lindsey has also given extra advice in relation to different leads that may help my children walk Autumn and feel confident in doing so, also gave advice in relation to demand barking.
Gun dog workshop was brilliant, Autumn loved this as did me and my 12 year old son. Lucy broke each part of the workshop and task into easy to manage steps. The workshop gave me a good insight in to training that I can do with Autumn at home and what she’s ok at and what we absolutely need to work on. Love it and will look to do more workshops as Autumn gets older and likewise for classes

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Pat with Sammy

Today was our Sammys 2nd session with Lucy. He is such an anxious little boy but he (we) are learning so much. He is not reacting as much now and when he done he calms down just as quick.
These 1-2-1 sessions are definitely worth the money.
I can't praise Lucy enough for the tools she has given us to make both Sammys life and mine more enjoyable

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Susan with Ziggy

Lindsey gave a demo of clear recall & long lead.. She’s extremely good at her presentation and explained it all really clearly. Very helpful for our future enjoyment of Ziggy and her focus on the tasks in hand. Highly recommended for all dog owners. Thank you Lindsey & see you for clicker training on the 18th 🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺😀
Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Steve with Paddy

Very good training course with very experienced trainers. Would recommend them.
Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

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