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Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Dog Training &

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour

High quality, effective dog

training through private one to

one sessions and group classes

We offer effective training methods and behaviour solutions for all your dog training problems

Dog Training Services available in Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham

Problem dog behaviour can be frustrating, stressful and even embarrassing at times and whilst there is a huge amount of information about dog training online, some of it is far from ideal and the rest is not always easy to follow. Don't suffer in silence.

We offer training solutions that are kind, effective and best of all - simple! And we can work with you based on your specific needs. We don't offer one-size-fits-all training. We also come highly recommended by local vets, receiving regular referrals for behaviour and work with many of their own staff for training their personal dogs.

We learn about you and your dog and we show you how best to work to solve your problems. Our classes are taught by a qualified teacher who is also a trainer, and is experienced in personalising learning to each individual dog-human team, so there is never a need to work things out alone.

Local vets refer dog training clients to us often
We are rated one of the three best dog trainers in the area
Pawsitive Pooches Awards | Pet Professional Guild Members
We are recommended for our kind and effective training methods
We are a member of the Pet Professional Network
Pawsitive Pooches Awards | Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour Trainers
Pawsitive Pooches Awards | Modern Science Based Dog Training
We are fully insured

Since 2018

Our Services

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Private one to one sessions

Group classes

General training

Behavioural issues

Puppy training and advice   


Pawsitive Pooches and their trainers are wonderful. They truly understand dogs and help the owners train them without any force, just fun, encouragement and rewards. They are also very good with the owners! Their own personal dogs prove what they can do with kindness and encouragement -happy, well adjusted and very highly trained. I would highly recommend Pawsitive Pooches to anyone whether you need basic training for your dog or have a complicated problem.

Classes and Courses

We offer a wide range of classes for dogs of all ages and abilities. We cover everything from specialised workshops focusing on a key issue to fun hobby classes, to classes that teach the core skills to puppies from the moment they are vaccinated. You can even book online using the button below.

"Fantastic. Can’t praise highly enough. Training tailored for your dog at a pace to suit you. We can’t thank Lucy and Lindsey enough for the help they have given us with Fynn, Ted and Molly.
Everything is explained to you and you understand why your dog is behaving as they do.
The skills and tips they equip you with are amazing. We can finally walk our dogs without feeling nervous or embarrassed."

Alys, Fynn, Ted & Molly, Behavioural Training & Classes

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour

Meet the Team

Our trainers are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest and best training methods, meaning you will always get experienced, qualified coaching at every class or appointment. We will also strive to get to know you and your dog giving you a more personal, friendly and laid back experience.

We are avid dog lovers with a huge collective experience and a wealth of knowledge in a variety of breeds, dog sports and everything canine! All classes follow our carefully structured curriculum which has been developed over a number of years. We all have the same ethics, standards and ethos when training dogs.

Katie with Daisy

"These guys really helped to me to help my young rescue dog with her training when she was young. She has gotten over so many of her fears with the help of the training we were guided with. It also helped us learn to be better dog parents by allowing us to understand how best to train our dog without rushing her or trying to get her to do something she wasn't ready to do. Great service, thanks for all your help!"

Sam with Barney

"Lucy is a fantastic dog trainer Barney is nervous in/out of the house she set us a traning plan when through it all step by step we have done dog training classes and we keep in contact regularly"

Beth with Fender

"Can’t recommend Pawsitive Pooches highly enough. My 1 year Sprocker has done puppy, beginner and life skills with Lindsey. Not only have we learnt training skills together but we’ve enjoyed taking part in an activity together and I wish there were more classes to attend. The training methods make sense and they are fun too!"

Michelle & Chubbs, Behavioural Training


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