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Effective Personalised One to One Training and High Quality In-Person Classes

We offer a wide range of services from bespoke, personalised one to one training at home or outdoors, to group classes dealing with a range of common dog training needs. During your sessions, we'll help you to understand your dog's behaviour and how they learn for kind, effective behaviour modification and training. See our range of services below.

One to One Training

Private in-person training sessions with one of our experienced trainers. These sessions are usually one hour and take place in one of our outdoor training locations. During these sessions, training will be personalised to your specific needs and we will use modern and proven methods to provide long-term solutions.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour



We offer a range of packages for puppy training, including one to one sessions and group classes. Our home visits can start as soon as your puppy comes home, outdoor one to one training plus group classes are suitable for puppies who have completed their first vaccinations.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour Puppy Training

Home Visit


In-home training packages are available as an alternative to our outdoor one-to-one sessions. Home visits are preferred for dealing with issues in the home, or for general training from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Home visits are also suited to pre-vaccination puppies or older puppies who are more settled at home. 

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour Puppy Training

Intensive Training Packages

If you are wanting to commit to a longer term training project with your dog, our intensive packages are perfect. You can choose from a range of 3 or 6 month packages based on one of our pre-planned training schemes.


Doreen & Jemma with Lottie

Thank you to Lindsey for carrying out a home visit to Lottie who struggled to calm her behaviour and became so overwhelmed with visitors to the house. We now have the tools to help her bring herself down and each week with patience and time she continues to get better. Still work to do with the “puppy brain” but she’s definitely heading in the right direction

Client Reviews

Remote Training Packages

Not sure which of our services would suit your needs best? Concerned about your dog's behaviour and need some advice and guidance? You can choose a remote training option if outdoor one to ones, classes  or home visits don't suit you, or even if you are outside of our usual service area but would still like to book one of our experienced trainers.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour Online & Telephone Consultations


& Courses

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor in-person classes and courses covering many common dog training needs such as puppy training, obedience training, recall, lead walking, Tearaway Teens and much more.  Our classes are well structured and kept to small  group sizes to give you the most effective help and support.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour Lead Walking Recall Training

Separation Anxiety Packages

Dealing with separation anxiety can seem daunting, particularly if your dog is excessively vocalising or becoming destructive when left alone. We can assess the behavioural causes and offer a bespoke training plan to guide you through this potentially lengthy process, providing constant support throughout. Remote or at home assessments available.

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour Separation Anxiety Training

Dog Sports & Hobbies

Giving your dog a sport or hobby to learn together can be a great way to bond and keep your dog active and their minds busy. We offer classes in a range of activities such as mantrailing, tracking, rally obedience and pet gundog work.  

Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training and Behaviour Mantrailing
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