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Home Visits

Our home visit packages take place in the comfort of your own home and allows us to meet you and your dog in a familiar and comfortable environment. This method of training allows us to effectively assess and deal with any developmental or behavioural issues that may be occurring in your home.

We offer three types of session.

  • Standard sessions are for basic training needs for dogs over 6 months, such as obedience, recall issues, lead walking, managing multiple dogs, settling new dogs and much more.

  • Puppy Packages are for dogs under 6 months of age when the package starts.

  • Behavioural packages are for more complex cases such as fear/phobias, separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression, biting, reactivity, confidence issues, resource guarding and similar problems.

During these sessions we collect a comprehensive case history and investigate what behavioural modifications may be required. We will demonstrate techniques as necessary and provide a break down of what is required to overcome any behavioural concerns you may have; such as barking, noise phobias, reactivity to visitors, resource guarding, over-arousal and many other common issues. We may also go for a walk near your home to assess behaviour outdoors.


To book any of these packages, send us a message via our Facebook page, send a text message or email us directly.

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