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Pawsitive Pooches Dog Training & Behaviour Separation Anxiety Help

Separation Anxiety

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a complex issue that requires careful analysis before training is put into place as there are several varieties of separation anxiety that range from a phobia of being alone to simply being afraid of missing out. Whatever type a dog is suffering, the repercussions can be huge, such as incessant vocalisation, self-mutilation, excessive toileting or destruction of surroundings. It is important to understand that it is impossible to treat separation anxiety of any type whilst the dog is suffering from the symptoms.

How is it Treated?

Treatment depends upon the root cause of the anxiety and a behavioural analysis will help in making a training plan to work on your dog's specific needs. Our training packages will identify a suitable treatment plan and our Tailored and Extended packages will even provide you with appropriate daily training schedules to work through your dog's anxiety and help them learn to cope alone. Treating separation anxiety can take time but training is easier and more effective with a regular schedule and a carefully planned progression of difficulty for your dog. 

What Will My Package Include?

All training packages include an initial consultation, during which we will undertake a behavioural analysis to  ascertain the type of separation anxiety your dog suffers from and any triggers. If you choose a package with a training plan included, you will receive a set of personalised daily plans for a systematic desensitisation programme comprised of brief training sessions designed to slowly accustom your dog to your absence and to help them learn to relax whilst you are away. The training plans are designed to be carried out for a minimum of 4 days per week or can be done daily as suits your daily life as we are aware that work, health and family life can all place restrictions on training schedules.  


To book any of these packages, send us a message via our Facebook page, send a text message to 07537144301 or email us directly.

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