What makes me (Lucy) and Les at Pawsitive Pooches unique in our training styles?

Here is a little run down of how we believe Pawsitive Pooches is unique in what we do and how we do it 

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  • We do not have any employee’s, it is just us who run all our training sessions and consultations. You will never show up to class or be waiting for your appointment not knowing who will be delivering the training. This also means that we get to know you and your dog, as well as you knowing us. When you sign up and pay for any of our services you are paying for our qualifications, experience and expertise, not to help train a new staff member.
  • In addition to this our classes are always kept small. We never go over 7 dogs in a class, usually we have 4-6 dogs in our classes meaning you get more individual attention and time.
  • We teach much more than just sit, down and heel in all our classes.
  • We are very friendly and laid back, we won’t get on at you about your dogs behaviour but will encourage and guide you through any training. Making it as stress free as possible for both you and your dog.
  • We are truly force free in our training methods; absolutely no harsh handling is used for any reason or during any of the training we set out.
  • Lucy is academically qualified; and has a full understanding of exactly how dogs learn and how each of the 4 quadrants can be used to change a dog’s behaviour. She will soon be completing a Masters degree in animal training and behaviour. She is also a member of a number of dog training organisations
  • We have 10 years experience, Lucy has trained and helped 100’s of dogs for a variety of issues, meaning she is able to think outside the box and provide a training plan for each individual dog and circumstance. Each dog we see for behaviour modification is given an individual plan tailored to that dog, not just a generic handout. training our dogs
  • We fully understand how to use positive reinforcement to address all training issues; it is not just a case of using food and having it in your hand to get your dog to do what you ask. We can show you how to use and ultilise ‘functional’ rewards. This means we are in a fantastic position to give you long lasting results rather than temporary solutions to behaviour problems.
  • This also means we have the knowledge, experience and knowhow to prevent you having to rely on treats 24/7 and you never having the say the words ‘’he will only do it if I have a treat in my hand’’
  • We fully understand how using punishment can have detrimental effects and what place they have in dog training and modifying behaviour. Although we don’t use punishment in any of our training or behaviour modification plans.
  • Continue to learn, we will ALWAYS continue to expand our knowledge. We welcome any and all knowledge we can gain which will help our training to be kinder on both humans and dogs and be most effective.
  • Although behaviour modification is very important to us, when we devise training plans or techniques we always put both dog’s welfare and human’s welfare first. We would never advise a technique which will harm your dog, whether that is through pain, fear or discomfort, or put you and your family at risk of being bitten by your dog.
  • All our training is very easy and simple to follow.
  • In order to change a dogs behaviour or to train them to perform a particular behaviour, whether that be to sit, walk on a loose lead, not lunge at other dogs or roll over, we do not need or rely on the use of any particular equipment to change behaviour such as using a slip lead to stop pulling and reactive behaviour. We only use certain equipment as management tools, such as harnesses or long lines but not as training tools. training behaviour dog
  • We deal with any and all behaviour problems by offering a range of group classes or 1-1's at your own home.

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