Online Beginners Scent work This is a 5 week course run through Facebook and costs £25. Learn how to train your dog to find a particular scent (cloves). This course will enable you to be able to take part in scentwork UK trials and is a fantastic way to channel your dogs energy.

You can start at anytime and at your own pace.

A scentwork UK certified trainer

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Scent work is becoming more and more popular in the dog world. Scentwork is when a dog uses its sense of smell to identify and locate a scent which it has been trained to detect.

Scentwork is a natural behaviour for a dog, this behaviour has been put to many uses – for example in police work, search and rescue, and hunting. As a dog sport, Scentwork has emerged from detection style nosework as practiced by customs and excise, explosives detection, search and rescue and medical detection dogs.

It is suitable for all breeds and ages, puppies and dogs with injuries or disabilities – scentwork is a non-injurious sport.

As a training activity, scentwork is fun, very rewarding and at the same time mentally tiring for your dog, so it is a great way to channel the energy of high energy, busy dogs. It will improve the relationship between you and your dog and is a great confidence builder especially for dogs. You can participate whether it is just for fun, or go on and enter trials.

You and your dog will learn the basics of scentwork with your dog will be introduced to a specific scent.

This course is guaranteed to have you hooked on scent work and improve the relationship between you and your dog as well as a whole host of other benefits.

A 4 session introduction to Scentwork course. Learn the basics of scentwork to give your dog a 'job' to do, for fun and extra stimulation.

You and your dog will learn:

  • Finding a scented article (cloves scent)
  • Indications

This course is aimed at dogs who are easily motivated by food and toys. If your dog is nervous, reactive or doesn't seem to be motivated by food or toys then please contact me for another option for teaching your dog scentwork :)

You will need the following equipment:

  • Harness for your dog, comfortable, non-restricting or tightening
  • Lead around 2-4m long
  • Your dogs favourite treats
  • Some cardboard boxes
  • Some small toys your dog will love (tennis balls, soft toys etc)
  • A glass jar/tin
  • Cloves or other scent or 07809205855


scentwork workshop

nosework workshop

scentwork workshop